The arrival of good weather is one of the moments in which we most aim to take care of our food. Correct hydration is essential when carrying out a healthy lifestyle, in this sense the natural mineral water becomes the perfect ally to get it, since in addition to providing the amount of water that our body needs (between 1 , 5 and 2 liters each day), it quenches the appetite at any time and place without giving any calories.

Remember that, if a balanced diet is so important, it is also important to include natural mineral water as a fundamental drink in any diet, since in addition to providing minerals and trace elements very beneficial to health:

– It facilitates the digestion and allows to absorb better nutrients.

It helps fight against constipation since fiber consumption would not be as effective without water as it helps increase its volume and improve its elimination.

However, IIAS gives us the keys to balance the diet in spring with natural mineral water in the simplest way:

  1. Mineral water does not provide any calories. Do not gain weight before, during, or after meals.
  2. Mineral water is a healthy and natural drink recommended in all our meals. It should not be forgotten that mineral waters come from underground aquifers protected from any contamination and are not treated either chemically or microbiologically because they are pure from their origin.
  3. Natural mineral water allows us to hydrate at any time and place, also between hours away from home.
  4. Drinking two glasses of mineral water before each meal can help reduce appetite.
  5. Drinking an infusion with mineral water after each meal is a good option that will comfort us and help the digestive process.