Did you know that mineral water is not only a good choice for moisturizing your body, but has components like calcium, magnesium, silicon and sodium that can help improve your skin? If you did not know, I leave 7 incredible benefits of using mineral water in your facial cleaning routine:

  1. Firm face. It prevents sagging and helps maintain firmness in your skin.
  2. Goodbye acne. Balances the sebaceous glands to prevent imperfections or acne.
  3. Soft skin. Decreases the appearance of dilated pores that gives a smooth appearance to your face.
  4. Cutis fresco. Moisturizes the face to provide a bright and fresh look.
  5. Matte face. It helps eliminate the brightness of the “T” zone, since it regulates the sebaceous secretions.
  6. Juvenile appearance. Keeps skin toned and free of impurities.
  7. Versatile. It is compatible for all skin types and prevents irritation causing changes in the color of the skin.

For great results every night, wash your face with mild soap and rinse it with mineral water. You can use it to time or cold and that’s it. If the feeling is not pleasant, let the gas run out and you would feel it like normal water.